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If you are presenting a text in English that is important to you, using a dedicated, qualified and reliable proofreading service is an essential final step that should not be avoided.

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Proofreading London only uses native speaking, fully qualified academic and professional proofreaders to ensure a service that guarantees quality and reliability: a service that is right for you and your work


What types of work does Proofreading London undertake?

Proofreading London has a simple-to-use system that is cost-effective. Our proofreaders ensure that your work is free of errors and is presented in the best possible light, giving you the best chance of success and a worthy reputation. Proofreading London will improve your work by verifying that:

  • Your spelling is faultless and consistent (British vs American usage)
  • Your grammar is correct and fluid
  • Ensuring that your work is logical and cogent, and that it expresses exactly and clearly what you want to say
  • Your punctuation is precise and judicious, allowing smooth and easy comprehension of your text
  • Your message or idea is understood

Who uses our service? Professional editing and proofreading Service for international student

If you have worked hard on your text and are proud it, do not let spelling, grammar or punctuation errors degrade the value of your work. Mistakes of this order can lead to:

  • an academic work being rejected, or given an inferior mark
  • a company or personal website being ignored and given a reputation for poor quality
  • a CV being dismissed, and the loss of potential employment to another candidate
  • a business letter or email being disregarded, to the benefit of a competitor


Academic research projects, theses, reports, student dissertations and essays

Proofreading for Businesses

Advertising literature, business proposals, tenders for projects, business letters and emails


Job application forms, Curriculum Vitaes, Fiction and non-fictional books or synopses, blogs

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Writing English text correctly is the way to success

When writing essays, dissertations, graduation theses, etc., it is important to take into account the turns of speech, grammar, orthography, spelling in English, so that the document could have been perceived correctly and the goal would be achieved, i.e. enter the University, successfully pass the interview, be employed, properly submit documents to various organizations, etc. Let's consider what directly impacts on correct writing of the text, its translation and proofreading. High-quality writing of the text, its compilation and further translation or proofreading depend as much as on the author of the theme and the proofreader of the document language, and on various components of the text, interrelation of sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs, etc.

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Professional approach of the proofreader to the proofreading of English texts will always ensure dedicated support throughout the stages of the publication of the text or article. It is necessary to note that it is best to select the proofreader in English speaking country. Working with English speaking proofreader, your articles in popular local periodicals or Internet resources will be protected by proofreading for grammar, spelling and phonetics. Great attention should be paid to the style of the article or the text in English. Considered subject includes its meaning. Therefore, the style of the text will be the basis for proper understanding of the text. For correct and proper meaning of article, a professional proofreader will correct the text exactly on this topic stated in the article.

Writing English text correctly is the way to success. The decisive factor in formation of the high-quality and correct text is turning to the language proofreader who will properly process the text, correct it, along with translation into English, giving consideration to grammar, turns of speech, spelling. Generally a good translator, linguist, and proofreader is a native English speaker, for whom English is the native language. In general, when analysing the situation relating to translation of texts from the mother tongue into English, we understand that for the case of achievement of the goal to obtain good English text, so that it would be correctly perceived, the importance of choice of a language proofreader, interaction with him/her, advising should be taken into account. The main thing is that you understand that an important element of the proofreading of your article or text in English is the need for a correct choice of a professional proofreader of English texts.

Our goal is formed - to create a correct and literate document, which will be perceived as an instrument to achieve your specific and clear goal. Essay, dissertations or business letter should pass a professional proofreading of the composed text, for correct orthography, phonetics and grammar. In order to ensure good and correct perception of the text in different organisations and social institutions, the text should be written clearly and competently, and its check should be performed by professional proofreaders. Achievement of the results and the targeted goal depends on competent proofreading of the text. High-quality proofreading of the text from the mother tongue into English, in this case, forms a crucial role on the path to successful writing of texts, dissertations, graduation theses, etc., as well as positioning oneself as a professional expert who provides properly proofread and competently composed documents or letters.

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